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Kultur Kontakt Austria

Published date: 28.06.2006 08:59 | Author: Međunarodna saradnja

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KulturKontakt is an austrian organization with a long tradition in realization of international projects in the name of austrian Federal Ministry of foreign affairs and Federal Ministry of education, culture and science.
The activities of this organization are directed in two ways developing cultural cooperation and education. In the area of education KulturKontakt promotes cooperation in the region of east and south-east Europe through numerous programs. Collaborating with partners in the country they help the reform of vocational education in the countries in transition. This mostly refers to the areas of Tourism and catering management, Economy, low and administration, and the network of training firms. KulturKontakt also helps vocational schools that educate students in the area of Trade, Agriculture and food processing. They help by improving of curricula, teacher training, donation of equipment, improvement of school infrastructure, organizing courses of foreign languages (professional German for specific areas) and study visits. The main characteristics of the cooperation are a space left for adaptation of the project to the specificities of the country they are being realized in.
Closely cooperating with the Center for Vocational Education and the Ministry of Education and Science of Montenegro, KulturKontakt realises two international projects in Montenegro ECO NET and TUR REG.

Usko sarađujući sa Centrom za stručno obrazovanje i Ministarstvom prosvjete i nauke Crne Gore, Kultur Kontakt u Crnoj Gori realizuje dva međunarodna projekta ECO NET i TUR REG.

Realization of the project ECO NET training firms started on March 2004 in two high schools that educate students in the area of Economy, low and administration: Economy School in Niksic and High School Vukadin Vukadinović in Berane. It continued 2006 when the second phase of the project started and more schools are included in the network of training firms: : Economy School in Bijelo Polje, Economy School "Mirko Vešović" in Podgorica, High School "Ivan Goran Kovačić" in Herceg Novi.

Project activities in TUR REG str directed to the improvement of the schools that educate students in the area of Tourism and catering management. Primarily, this project is being realized in three schools Economy School in Bar, High School Braća Selić in Kolašin and High School Bečo Bašić in Plav. Project activities also include seminars organized for the participants from all Montenegrin schools that educate in the area of Tourism and catering management.
By opening the office of K-education in Podgorica in September 2005 the conditions are created for more intensive cooperation of Montenegro and Austria in the area of education.