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German society for techical cooperation (GTZ) Project Improvement of employment through vocational education (VET)

Published date: 24.01.2008 14:59 | Author: Međunarodna saradnja

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The project GTZ VET is a part of overall support to the sustainable economical development. During the last few years Montenegro has adopted plenty of legal regulations regarding the reform of education. In this context the project is supporting Montenegrin government in creating coherent policy in vocational education and modernization of the educational process, adapted to the needs of economy.

The overall aim of the project is Improved ability for employment of the graduated high school students and candidates of the programs for adult education. In the focus of taking the project GTZ VET is closer connection to the labor market and higher involvement of private sector and social partners in defining and conveying reform process in vocational education.

The project established cooperation in three levels: to the Ministry of Education and Science, to the Centre for Vocational Education, and to the vocational high schools. Regarding the working level the project cooperates closely to the Centre for Vocational education that has a major role in the process of reform of vocational education and education of adults, started by the Government. There are also seven chosen high schools which are directly involved in the project activities: High school Mladost Tivat, High school Danilo Kiš Budva, High school Sergije Stanić Podgorica, High school Ivan Uskoković Podgorica, High school Marko radević Podgorica, Vocational high school Nikšić and Vocational high school Pljevlja. Innovative measures that the project will implement with the partners are directed to the areas of tourism, electro-engineering, machine-engineering (including car mechanics) and construction engineering.
The most important components of the project are building up the capacities of Centre for Vocational Education, developing new and reforming the old curricula (Car-mechatronics, culinary technician, bricklayer, electrician and welder) and their implementation in schools, training and improvemnt of the teachers and directors of the school. Professional and managing stuff of the schools, teachers and directors will be able to respond to the request of the modernized vocational education that will be directed to the needs of economy.
Beyond these main activities, the project will help in providing equipment for the schools, new technique and teaching aids and support the activities in promoting entrepreneurship in schools. The project is estimated to last six years (01/2006-12/2011) with the total amount of budget 3.000.000 EUR. The second phase of the project started in January 2008, and will last to the end of 2010.

Pored ovih glavnih aktivnosti, Projekat će pomoći opremanje škola tehnikom i odgovarajućim nastavnim sredstvima i podržati aktivnosti na promovisanju preduzetništva u školama.
Predviđeno je da projekat traje ukupno šest godina (01/2006-12/2011) uz ukupan iznos sredstava od 3.000.000 eura. U januaru 2008. godine započela je druga faza Projekta koja će trajati do kraja 2010.

January 2008.